The second session of the Rust for Lunch meetup. We'll have two talks, each with time for questions afterwards. There will be time for chatting and socializing after the talks.

We'd like to remind everyone that all participants (speakers, moderators, and attendees) must follow the Code of Conduct during the meetup.

Talk 1: Deterministic Execution Time Control for Arbitrary WASM

Speaker: Bohdan Ivashko (arriven)

Sometimes you may need to run an arbitrary wasm code while being able to impose limits on CPU and memory usage. While having precise memory limits is relatively easy, controlling the CPU limits in a reproducible way is a totally different can of worms (Spoiler: it's counting instructions, we'll have to count instructions, but we'll have to do it somewhat efficiently, and we'll do it by analyzing and modifying the original code).

Unfortunatebly the second talk for this meet-up has been cancelled. Instead, the first talk will run a bit longer.