About Rust for Lunch

Rust for Lunch is an online-only Rust meet scheduled to fit into a lunch break.

The main part of each meet-up will be short enough to fit into a 1 hour lunch slot and the time is chosen to be a feasible lunch time.

The first meet-up will be scheduled around European and African midday and early afternoon.

Code of Conduct

The Rust for Lunch project adheres to the Rust Code of Conduct. This describes the minimum behavior expected from all contributors and as well as attendees.

Instances of violations of the Code of Conduct can be reported by contacting the Hayden at his personal email address hds@hegdenu.net.


Rust for Lunch is not associated with or endorsed by neither the Rust Project nor the Rust Foundation.


We have social spaces where meet-up details are announced. You're also welcome to join and discuss whatever topic interests you, especially Rust of course.


We would love to have more people involved in the Rust for Lunch meetup.

Please get in touch with Hayden if you would like to speak at a meet-up.

If you would like to contribute in another way, either get in touch or open an issue on the lunch.rs GitHub project.


You can get in touch with Hayden at his personal email address. See the hegdenu.net about page for more ways.